Linking to your website

You can link your forms directly to your website, allowing anyone who visits your website to be directed to your clinic forms.

Linking to your landing page

Your account has its own unique landing page on  This page lists all forms that you are registered to use and is an excellent landing point if you have many forms to share with your clients.

Your landing page address will look something like this: (where DEMO will be replaced with your own unique address).  You can find your address by signing into your account and visiting the View clinic homepage link.

Linking directly to a form

Linking directly to a specific form will make sure your client fills out the correct form. If you only have one form available, or are placing multiple links throughout your website this is a good option.

All forms are contained within your landing page address and will look something like this (where DEMO will be replaced with your unique address and COVID-19 will be replaced with the specific form.  You can find this address by singing into your account, following the view clinic homepage link and then visiting the form you wish to link.

Code samples

Don't forget to replace the address as indicated above.

To create a text link to your landing page:

Go to forms

<a href="">Go to forms</a>

To create a text link to a specific form:

Covid-19 form

<a href="">Covid-19 form</a>

Use a graphic button:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Go to forms"></a>

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