Managing forms

We've pre-made several popular forms which can be found within our forms library.  We are regularly adding more to this list, but if you need something specific please don't hesitate to ask.  Submit a custom form request.

Selecting a form

  1. From your dashboard click on All Forms under the heading Forms.
  2. Find a form you wish to use and click the Activate button. 
  3. Your form will be immediately activated when you first click the Activate button.  You are presented with the Form Settings if you would like to make further edits.
    • Button label - You can change the button label to something custom if you like.
    • Enable - This form will be active and usable by your clients
    • Visible - This form will be visible on your public profile.
    • Text message - You can change to a custom text message or leave blank to use the default text message.
    • Email address - This is where form submissions will be sent to
  4. Click Save Settings if you made any additional changes.

Understanding the forms library (All Forms)

Filtering - You can click on an industry or tag to filter results to show only relevant forms.

Green forms - forms with the color green (and Edit vs Activate) are already active within your profile.

View - allows you to read more about the form and see a preview of the form.

Activate - Immediately activates the form and attaches it to your public profile.

Edit - Allows you to edit, delete or duplicate one of your forms.

Managing your forms

My Forms contains a list of all forms associated with your account.  Within this page you may see three distinctive sections.

Active Forms - These forms are enabled and visible on your Public Profile.  You can sort, edit and preview your forms from here.

Hidden Forms - These forms are enabled but not visible on your Public Profile.  This is a good way to have staff only forms or less used forms ready but not cluttering up your public profile.

Disabled Forms - You can uncheck enable on any of your forms, this will save your custom form settings but not allow any submissions to be received as well as not displaying the form within your public profile.  Disabled forms do not count against any form limitations of your account.

Custom Forms

If you don't see a form in the Form Library that you need.  Reach out to us and we will add it to the system.  If this form is only relevant and used by your clinic a small fee will apply to program the form.  However, if the form could be used by others we may reduce or waive that fee.  You can Submit a custom form request for us to review your form.

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