Cancelling your account

You can cancel your account at any time.  Your account will remain within our database for at least 90 days should you need to re-activate your account.  Should you like this purged from our system please email

To cancelling your account

  1. From your dashboard click on My Plan under Account
  2. You should see a active subscription (if your account is active).  Click the View button.
  3. You should now see detailed information about your current subscription.
  4. If auto renew is enabled your account is active and your credit card will be charged during the next billing period.  If it is not checked your account will automatically be disabled at the end of this billing period.
    Active subscription details
  5. To cancel your account immediately, click the Cancel button.  Your account will remain active until your account End date.

If you would like to re-activate your account, you can do so anytime buy selecting a new pricing plan ort contacting support at

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