Setting up a public profile

What's a Public Profile?

Your Public Profile is a homepage for all of your forms.  This page will be seen by your clients before they fill out a form.  You have control over several elements on this page.

Demo Clinic Public Profile

Editing a Public Profile

Once you have logged in to ClinicForms, click the Edit hyperlink under the heading Public Profile.

Things you can edit:

  • Email Address (NOTE: This isn't visible on the public profile but will be the default email address used when people submit forms)
  • Phone
  • Web friendly business name
    • This makes up part of the website address used when sharing or linking to your forms.
    • For example, entering demo-clinic here will give you the address
  • Logo
    • You can upload a JPG or PNG file here. 
    • If you do not upload a logo your clinic name will appear in the top left corner of the public profile.
  • Address
    • This is the address that will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
    • This can be different then your billing address.
  • Landing page message
    • This is an optional personalized message you can show to your clients whenever they visit this page.  If you don't enter anything, only a list of your forms will be displayed.

Adding forms to a public profile

Forms are automatically added to this page based on your settings in My Forms.  For more information, refer to the help file: Managing Forms.

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